Learning to speak web.

We are good listeners!
When meeting clients for the first time, we often hear how frustrated they are trying to ‘speak web’.
We listen you and you don’t have to know all the correct terms when you express your needs and thoughts.
We are listening and will take not much time to understand what you are looking for in your business and your website.
We pride ourselves on our ability to explain with simple words everything our customers need to know, even the technophobic ones!
We strongly believe that investing in internet marketing should be simple, transparent and with a satisfactory ROI  (Return On Investment).

Facebook Marketing & Management

— Fanpages Development
— Facebook Marketing
— Facebook Custom Apps
— Facebook Games
— Facebook Competition
— Facebook Ads
— Facebook Design
— Facebook Content Creation

Instagram management & marketing

We will boost your Brand Awareness and business bulding a basis of relevant followers & influencers

— Account/page creation
— Setup your goals on Instagram
— Fanpage management & development
— Influencer Marketing
— We’ll create eye catching posts
— We’ll connect with the right audience
—  We’ll generate post engagement
— Tailor made paid advertising campaigns
— Instagram & Facebook pages connection
— Authentic Content Creation

YouTube marketing & management

Create a YouTube channel for business
Optimize your channel to attract followers
Learn about your audience
Optimize videos for SEO to get views
Write compelling video description
YouTube advertising
–Skippable video ads
–Non-skippable video ads
–Bumper ads
–Overlay ads
–Display ads
–Sponsored cards
–Ask viewers to subscribe

LinkedIn Management

New Network Connect

Articles Posts Per Week

Relevant Group Subscriptions

Posts to Groups

Weekly Performance Reports

Profile/Page Improvement

Professional social media management

My nephew, cousin, doughter, friend knows how ….to destroy my BRAND’s image & identity!

Viral Marketing

People believe that viral marketing depends on the ability
to reliably create something extremely popular.

We believe that a successful viral marketing campaign rests more on
understanding how to connect with specific target audience by presenting
them valuable content.

We the Licence To Post team believe that when we apply a
viral marketing strategy we have to identify the target demographic for
a product or service and start a step by step customer-focused approach
to best understand what they value the most in products/services
of a specific industry and start uploading content to excite them and drive
them to share it, in favor of our client!

Why Us

We are a Holistic marketing team.

1. We have a strong and experienced team.
2. We have developed our own techniques that allow us to be flexible and adapt our services to customer needs.
3. We can cover any need for business promoting.
4. We have very reasonable prices for our services.
5. We understand the strong points of our clients and recommend ideas to help in overtaking the competition.
6. We protect our client from unnecessary services and fees.
7. After Sales Support. Our strong point.
Your success is our success. We are there for you from the first time and forever.
The satisfaction of our client after the delivery of the project is our most important goal.
8. We offer integrated solutions that protect the investment of our customers and strengthen the promotion and the business concept of their companies.
9. Our differentiation from our competition is the dynamics of our organized team-work while our services and the high level of our expertise in web application development helps us stand out and enjoy references from satisfied customers/clients.
10. We have the ability to cover totally, effectively and responsibly, online needs, promotion of many type of business, applying the most appropriate and effective Marketing actions online and offline.