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You probably have a website and you ALSO probably see competitors dancing the old Navajo tribe dance around the sacred TOTEM pole to provoke rain of customers!

Today things are more simple for people who know how to help businesses find their way to customers and even more how to outcompete rivals.
The today’s dance is around the sacred pole of Google and the name of the dance is called SEO!

Now if the magician doesn’t know how to dance the proper magic dance of SEO,  NO RAIN OF CUSTOMERS will happen.

We are sure that you’re familiar with the basic idea of SEO – after all, Search Engine Optimization has been the final frontier of the web competition, all these years.

Well, now what?
To exploit the power of SEO, it’s important to know what SEO actually is about and how you can profit out of it.

First place in Google…in relevant searches. This is your target!
Why ? Because you aim to appear before the eyes of customers searching for your products or services.

Creating a SEO strategy expands way beyond search terms, keywords, authentic texts etc.
When it comes to using SEO effectively, it’s trickier than you might think.
There are limitless quirks, hidden points, different use of same terms, anomalies and issues that you have to suspect just because they behave strange and because they don’t match in the place they appear.
Here is the critical point of an experienced digital agency if they have done it before and can

Actually not all keywords are good for everybody in the same industry.

At Licencetopost, we pride ourselves on being SEO experts.
Between technical audits, keyword research, competitor analysis, citations and website optimization at the deepest levels, we know how to drive brands into the awareness they aim placing them before the eyes of searchers with high demand and even greater desire to buy, immediately.

Call us, +302310472999 to arrange a meeting, to explore together the possibility of a mutual business agreement.

May 1, 2019

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