Cruising over 22 knots it may be simple but it may turn a disaster.

When it comes to advertising, the main focus for businesses is getting the attention of the customer and further more to create interest.

Simple words, simple approach, knowhow and speed of implementation ensures quality results!

Cruising over 22 knots it may be simple but it may turn a disaster.

Speed yes, but under control.

A successful advertising campaign needs to leave a positive impression with the largest number of people possible, NOT the opposite.

– Licencetopost Team

Licence to post. A social media marketing agency. About Us.

The Company

We were established in early 2009 as a dedicated Social Media Marketing Agency.
We initiated our operations with the vision to provide specialized services in Social Media Marketing & Management, Internet Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, Display Advertising and Graphic Designs.
In fact we were among the firsts in Greece, to introduce, talk about and use the VIRAL MARKETING concept. By that time no-one knew how to spread an ad or message, virally, using social media! WE KNEW!

Over the years we have handled many projects, developed numerous of Brands in the digital world and soon have earned a reputation of a quality, reliable and innovated social media marketing agency.

Reputation and real audience are very important components, on the Digital Marketing sector and it requires highly specialized expertise and knowhow based on the “character” of each social network, graphic designing expertise, content creating, post planning and advertising at the right time with a logical cost.
We at Licence to post bring a refreshing approach to the entire Digital Marketing process adding value at every stage of it, as we assure that social media marketing works for our clients and not just for the owners of its network!

Our team of specialists is proactive with an “I CAN” attitude which means that all projects are successfully delivered within the budget while matching the highest standards expected by our clients.


Licence to post. A social media marketing agency.Our Mission.

Our Mission

Our business reputation defines and leads us in providing one stop solution services, in the area we know best and where we intend to remain for a long-time: the Internet (web) Marketing industry and its related services.

We strongly believe in long-term cooperation with our customers, our employees and our suppliers and this is achieved by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through our professionalism, our integrity and our consistently high performance in everything we do.

Licence to post. A social media marketing agency.Our Philoshophy.

Our Philoshophy

Accountability is our way of doing business.

At Licence to post we have the combination of people, experience, equipment, web apps and professionalism to give life to our customer’s vision.
We operate on high standards in both before and after post activities, offering quality advertising and promotional services which adds value to our clients’ projects.

• We focus on transforming our client’s vision into a real market environment, creatively, rapidly, cost effectively and with one stop service.

• We intend to create promotional actions from the point of view of the final consumer.

• We combine intelligence with innovation and quality with elegance.

• We definitely create effective call to actions landing customers to our clients.

Reliability & Responsibility

Reliability & Responsibility is a way of life at Licence to Post.
Our reputation as a reliable driven company is our most valuable asset.
For Licence to Post reliability means doing everything we have to do, to deliver value.

We always deliver quality work while we are continually striving to improve our performance overcoming any obstacles may appear in our way, to meet customer’s satisfaction.

We always succeed to operate within agreed time/cost plans.

Licence to post. A social media marketing agency.Why Choose Us.

Why choose us

We are a Holistic marketing team.

1. We have a strong and experienced team.
2. We have developed our own techniques that allow us to be flexible and adapt our services to customer needs.
3. We can cover any need for business promoting.
4. We have very reasonable prices for our services.
5. We understand the strong points of our clients and recommend ideas to help in overtaking the competition.
6. We protect our client from unnecessary services and fees.
7. After Sales Support. Our strong point.
Your success is our success. We are there for you from the first time and forever.
The satisfaction of our client after the delivery of the project is our most important goal.
8. We offer integrated solutions that protect the investment of our customers and strengthen the promotion and the business concept of their companies.
9. Our differentiation from our competition is the dynamics of our organized team-work while our services and the high level of our expertise in web application development helps us stand out and enjoy references from satisfied customers/clients.
10. We have the ability to cover totally, effectively and responsibly, online needs, promotion of many type of business, applying the most appropriate and effective Marketing actions online and offline.