Competition was and will always be strong and with no mercy. Nowdays competition is getting unfair also!
In addittion to the unfair competition the signs of the times show that people feel pleasure by submitting untrue or exadurated reviews, comments, point of views etc.

Will you leave your company’s survival and existance on the hands of rivals who will try to outcompete your business and on the hands again of problematic people who throw mud everywhere just for the fun of it?

What can we do for you? Simply Protect your Brand’s Image & Reputation and furthermore to Improve it and Develop it!

There are three phases :

A) Protect Your Reputation
— Monitor your reputation​
— Analyze your brand’s image​
— Deal with negative reviews and crises situations​

B) Manage Online Reputation
— Improve customers relations
— Increase your brand awareness​
— Find brand advocates​

C) Word of mouth
— Organize real life situations so the consumers/clients of a product or service can evaluate and explain their decision to use it.
— Let customers/clients talk to each other and pass personal experience out of the use of it.
— Create a network of satisfied customers and let them leave a positive comment ….with a small gift like discount, more quantity etc